Remember the old Wendy's in Temple? The empty building's been sitting vacant at 301 N General Bruce Drive for a while now, and it's been a real eyesore. Now that I-35 expansion in the area is starting to wrap up, the area will hopefully attract more businesses, and one that may already be familiar to you will be moving in soon.

The folks at Tapa Tapa's in Belton are renovating the building and getting ready to move in from their current location at 9301 North Highway 317. They announced the move on their Facebook page back in May and again in June, but I just noticed their sign out front a couple of days ago while out on a lunch run.

I look forward to giving them a try on they're settled in. If I could get away with eating Tex-Mex and authentic Mexican food every day, I would. Plus it's just great to see someone finally putting that building to good use after all this time.

Now we just need another good restaurant to move in next door where Shoney's and Mad Mongo's used to be.

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