This week's Tasty Tuesday takes us to Fajita Kings at 2006 S 31st St in Temple.

Fajita Kings has been in Temple for almost a year now. They specialize in great drinks, delicious desserts, and the finest Latin inspired cuisine in Central Texas. While you probably associate fajitas first and foremost with Tex-Mex cuisine, Fajita Kings' menu takes inspiration from an array of Latin dishes and traditions and fuses them into something unique.

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The staff at Fajita Kings were welcoming, courteous, and cool, and the food was even better. When you grab a table, you're served a variety of salsas along with your chips, so there's something for everyone in your party. They have a long list of signature drinks, along with daily drink and food specials.

And yes, they have queso because this is Texas after all!

You'll find all sorts of delicious options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but since they're called Fajita Kings, I had to sample one of their signature fajita dishes.

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