This week for Tasty Tuesday, I'm switching it up on everybody!

I am going to check out some delicious African Food at Oreofe African Restaurant in Killeen.

There's great-tasting food being served at Oreofe African Restaurant, but just as importantly there's a unique story being told about a local business owner and service member making her dream a reality.

The owner's name is Victoria Traore. She's from Nigeria, and operates both the restaurant at 3804 W Stan Schlueter Loop Suite 103 and the Bella African Market at 807 West Veterans Memorial Boulevard in Killeen.

I've tasted goat meat, I've tasted FOO FOO and PUF PUF, and I drank some African beer!

Oreofe serves up traditional Nigerian dishes, but Victoria bring her own flare to many of them. There are plenty of options for folks who love spicy food, but you can also control the spice for a more mellow experience.

The food is delicious and filling, and Victoria takes a great deal of pride in both the service and the presentation. No matter how great your food is, those are really the deciding factors when it comes to whether or not customers will become regulars, and trust me - you'll become a regular once you experience Oreofe!

The spot even turns into a dance party/lounge after they close on the weekend. The lights turn down, the music turns up, and Victoria's team serves distinct beers and fantastic appetizers.

Check out the video when it debuts on June 22nd at noon!



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