Bruh..... this chik is bad!!

She could have easily hit a brother up on the Tinder.... or on the gram...... or even on the Book! (do people say the book?)

Anyway, that 13 year old must of had some good diction!

Alexandria Vera, is the fine ass English teacher in the Houston area that admitted to having a sexual relationship with a student of hers.

According to court documents, Vera said shorty tried to holla at her on instagram in September of last year.

His pimp game was strong enough to have her come over his house one night and smash while his parents were gone.

Get this.....The parents found out about the relationship and let the child spend the night at her house when 'Sexfest 16' began.

She later became pregnant and got an abortion, earlier this year. 

She faces a charge of continuous sexual abuse of a child.

What is more interesting here is that the parents of the child let this continue!!