We asked you to tell us how you would tell someone that you're from Texas without telling them you're a Texan, and the results were perfect. I never realized how many ways you can tell someone you're a Texan without just plain saying it.

Texas Proud

No doubt Texans are a breed of our own. From Lone Star Beer to Tex Mex, Texans prefer life our way and we don't care what you think of it. In fact, most Texans will just flat out tell you they're a Texan, and if you don't like like it, well... you know how the saying goes.

Texas Strong

Ask a Texan where they're from and they won't hesitate to tell you all about the the city and state they call home. Helping those in need just comes naturally for any emergency that happens in their home town and any other city that needs it. We saw that up-close when Hurricane Harvey hit the Houston area in 2017 and when the big freeze struck in 2021. Texans banded together to help those in need.

The Eyes of Texas

We do things a different way down here in the Lone Star State. Our politics may rub some others the wrong way, but we don't care. Ask a Texan what they think and they'll tell ya, "If you don't like it, leave."  It's not meant to be rude, it's just the simple truth.

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We support our pro teams through thick 'n thin. Hell, just ask any Cowboys, Longhorn, or Aggie fan who's had their heart broke on any given Saturday or Sunday. Do we cuss and scream and maybe shed a few tears? Yes, but we get over it quickly and gear up for the next game.

So, if you wanna say you're a Texan without saying you're from Texas, here are some sure fire ways to do it.

Here's How We Say 'I'm Texan' Without Saying We're From Texas

We wanted to know how you would tell someone you're a Texan without straight-up telling them you're from Texas. Here's what you told us.

“I must say as to what I have seen of Texas it is the garden spot of the world. The best land and the best prospects for health I ever saw, and I do believe it is a fortune to any man to come here. There is a world of country here to settle.”
-- Davy Crockett

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Many states still have strange laws on the books that aren’t enforced or taken seriously anymore, and Texas is no exception.

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