When someone becomes a firefighter, they dedicate themselves to saving lives. Thankfully, that doesn't just mean human lives, as demonstrated by a Temple fire crew last Friday afternoon.

Temple Fire & Rescue spokesman Thomas Pechal said Tuesday that a family returned to their home in the 800 block of North 6th Street, where they discovered that their Siberian Husky had given birth to a littler of puppies. They noticed one of the puppies had somehow got stuck inside a sewer clean-out pipe.

Firefighters used hand tools to dig around the pipe, then a reciprocating saw to remove a portion of it. Once he had access, a firefighter was able to reach into the pipe to retrieve the puppy. When he did, he discovered that another puppy was also stuck.

More cuts were made to the pipe until the firefighters were able to reach the puppy and safely retrieve it. Both babies were dried and reunited with their mama.

Pechal stressed that the firefighters were only at the scene for about 90 minutes, and that they remained available to respond to all calls.

We're just glad those pups were able to be rescued. Thanks to all our emergency responders and the work they do to protect and preserve lives!

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