Apartmentguide.com has put out a list of the most affordable cities to shop for groceries in America. While Temple, Texas takes the top spot with the #1 ranking, Waco. Round Rock, McAllen, Houston, and Harlingen are also part of the top ten!

The folks at Apartmentguide.com looked into the price of some of the most common purchases we all make when we run to the store. So it was the price of milk, eggs, steak, cheese, butter, bread, potatoes, juice, fresh produce factored in among the 250+ cities in the survey. Temple, Texas ought to feel pretty good about this one.

Prices for family grocery shopping came from the  Council for Community and Economic Research's Q1 2019 Cost of Living report.

The stores are easy to get to and are nearby the many neighborhoods in which people live. Killeen, Belton, Copperas Cove all did not appear on the list. What do you think is the major difference between grocery stores in Temple and the ones in neighboring towns? Some of the items that help get Temple to the top spot are the comparatively low cost of items like fresh bananas, milk, OJ, cereal, steak. One item that stood out with an above-average cost all over Texas is eggs. We got cheap cereal but fairly expensive eggs!

Interestingly, Temple and Waco appear on the list as #1 and #2. Some in the office joke that Waco IS Temple just 30 miles down the road, and a little more affordable. Congratulations to Temple, Texas for being the most affordable city in America for families buying groceries. I think I'll run to H-E-B for lunch today!

See the complete breakdown of the pricing in each of the Texas cities on the list by clicking the button below.


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