Waco, Texas has made their first arrest in a 2024 murder after experiencing their first three homicides on three consecutive days a few weeks ago. The Waco Police Department was able to identify the suspect from examining video that was collected by their Special Crimes Unit following 41 year old Gilberto Moralez being gunned down after a very large fight broke out that began in the middle of the night along the 200 block of Mary Avenue on Friday morning February 23rd.

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During the investigation, authorities were able to determine that the suspect responsible for shooting Moralez is 25 year old Bralon Buhl of Temple. Buhl has been charged with one count of murder and three counts of aggravated assault according to this KCEN article.

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Temple, Texas Man Arrested For This Year's First Waco Murder

It is always a tragedy when someone is senselessly murdered especially after it occurs following a fight that was already happening around 5 AM that then escalated. Hopefully everyone affected by this horrific event will be able to find some healing, and nothing like this ever happens again.

Buhl was arrested yesterday, March 13th by the Waco Police Department following the weeks long investigation, and the function of the justice system is just in the beginning stages of our legal process.

Short of a speedy confession, these types of criminal proceedings usually take a great deal of time to reach their final resolution.

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