A 19-year-old Temple woman was behind bars Tuesday afternoon after police say she filed a false police report about an ex-boyfriend breaking into her home and assaulting her.

Bell County Jail records indicate Faith Elizabeth Cox was booked at 11:58 AM Tuesday after being charged with making a false report - a class-B misdemeanor. Her bond was set at $2,000.

KVUE reports that Cox's ex-boyfriend, Cristopher Precopia, was arrested at his job in Georgetown and faced up to 99 years in prison if found guilty of the assault, which Cox alleged happened back in September of 2017. She reportedly told police he broke into her Temple home, held her down, and carved an X into her chest. Police say she even described being able to hear each slice of her skin.

Charges against Precopia were dropped after police were made aware of a selfie he posed for with his mother and a few other people in Austin at the time of the alleged assault. The selfie was posted to Facebook, and was also timestamped and contained geo-location information. There were also sworn affidavits from people who said they were with him at at the Austin hotel where the selfie was taken.

Precopia said Cox was his high school girlfriend, but that he couldn't remember the last time they'd had contact.

KVUE reports that Cox could face up to 180 days in jail if found guilty.

Cox's arrest came after prosecutors requested Bell County authorities review the case

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