Texans are borderline superhuman.

NBCDFW reports that a Texan survived 11 days alone in the Grand Canyon.

58-year-old Martin Edward O'Connor of La Porte was last seen at the Grand Canyon Village on December 22nd before going missing. National Park Service officials found O'Connor Thursday morning and flew him out in a helicopter.

He underwent a medical evaluation. The only report is that he is stable, no other information on whether he suffered any injuries has been released.

O'Connor was found on one the most difficult trails the New Hance Trail.

It's always a good idea to have multiple plans for the unexpected when you are hiking, especially if you go by yourself.  Even if you are just going somewhere local, it never hurts to be as prepared as possible.

A little extra tip for you from yours truly is watch Bear Grylls videos regularly. He's always got a show on the TV and then there's the Youtube too. Life-saving stuff for you, you're welcome.




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