After a record setting resurgence for bed bugs last year, the numbers are looking to be getting even worse this year and no matter what city you live in Texas, you should keep a watchful eye as projections are showing the United States still has not seen the brunt of it.

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2023 was a horrific year for bed bug infestations in Europe with Paris, France being ground zero for a massive outbreak that literally had the deputy mayor, Emmanuel Grégoire, telling a TV camera that,

"No one is safe."

Paris is scheduled to host the Olympics this year, and there are many that are starting to sound off on serious concerns about hosting people from hundreds of countries that will sleep in Paris beds, and then return to their home nations.

Why is there a bed bug resurgence?

It is so bad that they are warning everyone from going to, or sharing any public space. People are cautioning each other to avoid public transportation, and definitely do not sit down in a public area where someone may have carried bed bugs with them.

What Texas cities are the worst for bed bugs in 2024?

  1. Dallas-Fort Worth fell 5 spaces from last year's list, and landed at 22 worst in the United States.
  2. Houston actually rose 6 spots to 38th in the country.

If you consider how many people moved into the Lone Start State in the last year, and how much bed bugs love to hitch a ride from one place to another, the overall rankings aren't too bad, and only having two cities on the list is kind of impressive.

It looks like the border isn't the only place an invasion is occurring.

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