Just like everything else in Texas, breakfast is a big deal, and the bigger the breakfast, the more Texas like it feels. My family loves breakfast so much that we'll be discussing brinner options while still eating brunch, and we should not forget that I will barely be a few minutes into preparing and firing up that morning's breakfast when the kids will start shouting out menu requests for tomorrow's breakfast too.

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Have to admit, the Lone Star State is really racking up the nationwide exposure and acknowledgement in the food service industry. As it feels like the chain restaurants are shuttering left and right every week, the mom and pop places keep running up the score board when it comes to elite dining experience.

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Best Texas Breakfast Diner Is Now This Corner Spot

According to this MSN article, the best breakfast eatery in Texas, and therefore making it one of the tops in the entire United States, is Old Neighborhood Grill in Fort Worth. In the above video, they were the 11th restaurant listed for a great breakfast in Fort Worth.

The Old Neighborhood Grill is open every day except Sunday from 7 AM to 8 PM, and just like all proper eateries should, they serve breakfast all day.

If you're looking for a great meal in Texas, you definitely need to check out the best of the best that have been doing it the longest.

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