Tired of not being able to buy liquor on Sundays? Well, so is State rep Richard Pena Raymond, who introduced House Bill 1100.

As reported by KEYE-TV, this bill would allow "licka stoe’s" to be open seven days a week including noon to 10pm on Sunday in Texas.

It’s really time to catch up to current times don’t you think? 42 other states already allow alcohol to be sold on Sunday.

Now to be fair, if you go to a bar, restaurant, or club you can buy a drink, but not at an actual liquor store.

It’s like saying no, we cannot let you walk through the front door, just go to through the back.

What’s the purpose??

"Allowing Sunday sales in Texas is long overdue. I’ve heard from many constituents – including small business owners – who have asked me to file this bill to let the free market be free,’’ Raymond said. “Now is the time for Texas to repeal this outdated law."

Blue laws were originally set up to prohibit sales of refrigerators, furniture, kitchen utensils, stoves, air conditioners, watches, clocks, luggage stuff like that basically so you could spend the day going to church and resting but helloo….its 2019!!!

Texas is up to date somewhat. Cdealers and liquor stores are basically the only thing that isn’t open on Sundays (and Chik-Fila, but that’s another story).

Let’s see if this bill gets passed!

In the meantime what do you think? Should liquor stores be open on Sundays too?



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