There are currently two different influenza bugs passing through the Texas, my wife Lindsay herself is just now recovering from Influenza A, and what I have heard about Influenza B is that it is no walk in the park either. Obviously, since the onset of Covid-19, people are much more cautious about their mingling with others when they are possibly contagious in an effort to combat super spreader situations, which is why some schools are shutting down for a week at a time.

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To make matters worse, right in the middle of all of these simultaneous viruses, there is a massive recall on one of the most popular over the counter remedies to combat the cold and flu. I was joking a bit on air about how 'tussin and ginger ale was the sure fired way to get through the worst of a stomach bug, but right now you also have to be warry of which Robitussin you are using.

What exactly is making Texans so sick they are shutting down schools?

The most important thing to do when combatting a stomach bug is staying hydrated.

The doctor above recommends consuming electrolyte fortified beverages like Gatorade, and I would suggest Pedialyte, or one of its generic versions. If it is designed for optimal absorption that even a baby can drink it, then you should be good to go when you are so sick you wish you had your momma to take care of you again.

Even when you do not feel like eating, it is still the best way to beat back what is attacking you while also making sure you are getting plenty of rest.

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