Two of the three biggest candy holidays for Texas are happening in back to back months, and this particular candy sells in spades for both Valentine's Day and Easter. What may be the most bizarre fact about a candy selling so well with a known carcinogen, is that the ingredient has actually been banned by the FDA for over 30 years.

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There is a catch though because the ingredient, Red Dye No. 3, has only been banned by the FDA from being used in cosmetics, not food. Red Dye No. 3 is not the only approved artificial coloring for food that raises serious questions, but it is most likely the dye used with the highest frequency.

Warning Texas, Popular Candy Sold Here May Cause Cancer


This news is potentially devastating for my wife because she loves Peeps more than just about anything, especially at Easter. She also is not a season Peeps buyer because she will find a reason to bring them home no matter the time of the year, not just for Valentine's Day and Easter.

If you are still needing a Peeps fix, there are four types that you should avoid:

  1. Pink Marshmallow Chicks
  2. Peeps Pink Marshmallow Bunnies
  3. Peeps Lavender Marshmallow Chicks
  4. Peeps Lavender Marshmallow Bunnies

Those are the ones that contain Red Dye No. 3, and that also leaves plenty of other varieties available.

Will all this information have you extra checking the labels on your candy wrappers this Valentine's Day and Easter?

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