Everyone is always on the look out for a great deal and that could not possibly be more true than when making the largest purchase of your life by closing on a home. Go Banking Rates has compiled a list of the 25 fastest growing and most affordable cities, and Texas reigns supreme by having 6 towns including number one.

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Why do Texas cities rank so high on fastest growing and most affordable lists?

Overall the Lone Star State does very well compared to other states and the national average for cost of living. With gasoline and a steady supply of food production, Texans are able to raise their families for less than New England and West Coast states.

Why are homes so affordable in Texas?

Simply put, there's land in Texas and lots of it. You add the ample supply of land and the massively pro business environment, and you are all set to enjoy reasonable home prices with a great cost of living.

Check out the 6 Texas cities to rank at the top of fastest growing and most affordable.

Whopping 6 Texas Cities Including Number One Among List Of Fastest Growing And Most Affordable

Detailed list of the 6 Texas cities that top the list of fastest growing and most affordable in the United States according to Go Banking Rates.

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