Texas residents are being asked by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to check their refrigerator for cheese that is linked to several people getting sick with E. coli throughout the southwest and western United States. Escherichia coli is a bacteria frequently present in the intestines of healthy animals, but certain strains can be incredibly invasive after consuming tainted water or food.

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According to the CDC, Texas is one of four states to have confirmed E. coli infections linked to cheddar cheese produced by Raw Farms. It is unknown at this time of how many other potential contaminations may have happened because it is possible the symptoms had the victim confusing it with a different bug, or salmonella etc.

Texas E. coli: CDC Says Toss This Mired Food Now

There are actually two types of cheddar made by Raw Farm that you should be checking for in your fridge, original cheddar and jalapeno. So far, 40% of the patients to test positive for E. coli has needed to be hospitalized, and thankfully nobody has died as that is very rare.

CDC Says To Look Out For Raw Farm's Cheddar Cheese In Texas

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WTEN YouTube/Canva

However, you want to avoid getting sick entirely, you will want to check the label of your recently acquired Raw Farm brand Raw Cheddar.

If you begin to experience symptoms like stomach cramps with persistent and severe diarrhea, you will definitely want to reach out to your physician to seek their advice. Prolonged diarrhea can lead to severe dehydrations, and that can lead to even greater health risks.

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