I am telling you right now, my daughter has a toy box full of baby dolls but if this happened in our household, I would throw away the whole toy box, dolls and all! Have you heard about the haunted Elsa doll a family in Houston has been dealing with? 

The daughter in this family received an Elsa, Frozen doll for Christmas one year. All is well, she sings 'Let it Go' when you press her necklace, no big deal right? Wrong. After years of singing the song in English, all of a sudden, this little Elsa doll starts singing in Spanish. It was not a bilingual doll, to begin with! Just one day out of the blue it started. The batteries had never been changed, there is not a switch anywhere on the doll to change back and forth between English and Spanish.

The story gets better. Several years later after cleaning out the toy box, they decide to throw the doll out, it doesn't get played with anymore. But this little Elsa doll did not 'let it go.' Weeks later it was discovered inside a bench in the family's home. What the heck Elsa? At this point, Elsa is strictly a Spanish-speaking doll.

So once again dad decided to throw it away. He wraps the doll in garbage bags and sets it out for the garbage man to pick up. The family leaves on vacation but lo and behold when they return, despite thinking Elsa is long gone, they find it again in the backyard! What? Why is this happening?

Check out the full story from click2Houston.com:

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