Here's a quarter, and your Texas freezer is calling.

Besides your pipes freezing in your Texas home, another major concern during times of deep freeze for residents of the Lone Star State is will the power grid hold up during extreme weather conditions. Thankfully, Ercot recently reported that even though the demand on the grid set an all time record recently, it did hold up, but another cold snap is on the way.

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If you do lose power, it is always recommended to leave your freezer and refrigerator doors closed so the interior food contents remained insulated from warming up and going bad. If the power is out for only a short period of time, you can reasonably assume the food within your fridge and freezer remained safe to consume.

If you have a quarter, this is why you should use it in your Texas freezer.

Steps to the quarter hack that can save you potentially thousands to your Texas home:

  1. Fill a freezer safe cup with water and then freeze it.
  2. Place a quarter on top of the ice filled cup.
  3. If the power goes out, check the cup when the power comes back.
  4. If the quarter is still safely on top of a block of ice, then your food stayed frozen.
  5. If the quarter has sunk within the ice, use your best judgement to determine food safety.
  6. If the quarter is not on the bottom, then you know the freezer thawed out, and the food is no longer safe.
  7. The quarter's journey can also help you determine the quality of the food in the fridge.

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