It may only be a week since Groundhog Day and technically still several weeks of winter remaining no matter the predictions, but spring will be here before you know it, and that will likely mean a surge in Covid-19 cases, and most likely the return of the deadly fungal threat of C. auris to Texas.

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New data and articles suggest that C. auris fungal infection is on the rise again in the United States, and this is just about the same time it was becoming a major story last year. Additionally, according to this article with Irish Star, it looks like the number of states experiencing outbreaks is also growing.

How do we prevent the spread of C. auris fungal infection in Texas?


People carrying C. auris can show zero signs or be experiencing any symptoms, and it can spread from sharing contact with a common surface recently touched by someone.

"Hand hygiene, according to the CDC, is an effective measure to curb the spread of the fungal infection."

The fungal infection can still be relatively harmless to healthy people, but we all know how quickly someone who is immunocompromised can succumb to any number of illnesses. C. auris also appears to be Antimicrobial resistance (AR), which means it has a very high tolerance to medicines.

Right now it's not just Covid-19 that is causing major illnesses, and you definitely do not want to be recovering from a major viral infection, and stumble directly into a fungal infection.

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