The two clowns in the video above picked the wrong Subway restaurant to rob.

Guadalupe Rojas was not having it when two men jumped the counter at her Subway location in Houston, Texas. She told KPRC in Houston, "It happened all suddenly. I don't know how I got the courage to did what I did." Her bravery was all captured on camera of course.

Guadalupe is the grandmother of nine. She is 4-foot-9 and still managed to fight off the robbers even after she was hit over the head with a pan and attacked. Rojas has worked for Subway for six years and said she felt that she was defending her family of coworkers when she stood up to the criminals. This is the kind of coworker we all wish we had.

Her family was shocked to see her fighting back when they got to see the security footage of the crime taking place. One of her daughters told the media, "I was shocked to see my mom in that way. She's a strong lady."

We sure hope Subway has a nice Christmas bonus on its way to Guadalupe. She has definitely earned it! Police are still trying to identify the two men who robbed the store.


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