Being from Chicago I watched Derrick Rose in his heyday.

I saw him become the NBA rookie of the year, MVP of the league and I also saw him get hurt...alot...

Every year the Bulls would be a Derrick Rose away from the championship, but he was always hurt.


Chicago got tired of it, saw they weren't going to win without Derrick Rose blew their team up (traded everybody and started over) and traded him away to the Knicks.

He then signed with the Cleveland Cavaliers and was later traded to Utah who released him and he eventually signed with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

His game wasn't the same, personally, I think he lacked confidence.

Now it seems like he is getting it back, as he has shown throughout the preseason and last night scoring 50 points!

A career high for him and definitely a positive turn at a possible comeback.

His emotional postgame interview will have a tear run down your face if you've followed his career.

Facebook listeners gave their heartfelt well wishes for the one time NBA MVP:

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