A Texas man taking a donut challenge died in Denver on Sunday.

The Tex-Ass Donut is a pastry the equivalent to half a dozen doughnuts in which customers are challenged to scarf down in 80 seconds or less.

Unfortunately, Travis Malouff, 42 died after taking the challenge. Authorities say he passed away from “asphyxia, due to obstruction of the airway”.

Voodoo Donuts is a mini-chain donut shop based in Portland Oregon. They have a location in Austin on 6th street.  And the donuts are delicious! The Austin location attempted the challenge but stopped it in October of 2016 due to lack of interest from customers.

As for the family of Travis Malouff "Voodoo Donuts" released a statement “Our hearts go out to the Malouff family during this very difficult time.  While this matter is under investigation, we believe it would be inappropriate to comment further.”

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