Valentine's Day may still be three quarters of a year away, but as we get deeper into wedding season, now is the time for many to seek out anniversary dinners in Texas, and what better place to enjoy your anniversary meal than at the most romantic restaurant in the whole United States? Oh, by the way, this place just so happens to be owned and run by a James Beard winning chef, so you will have no issue romancing your lover's stomach while the atmosphere does the rest.

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The saying has always been, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach," but I truly believe the reciprocal is also correct. You really want to nail the whole thing, pick the restaurant for her, and the night will take care of itself.

The only thing that is probably surprising about this restaurant being named the most romantic is that it is actually part of a chain of restaurants that began in Austin, and has spread to some of the sexier cities across the country. Guess it was always destined to be romantic.

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Texas Now Home To Most Romantic Restaurant In America

Uchi began as a small bungalow in Austin, but the Houston location is now placed as the most romantic Japanese restaurant in America by Yelp, and 7th overall for dining romance in America.

Locations in addition to Austin and Houston include Dallas, Denver, Miami, Scottsdale, and We-Ho (West Hollywood).

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