For as many Whataburger spots as you can spot across Texas, their total number of locations does not even crack the top 10 for the Lone Star State. The most trusted restaurant chain in America does safely land within the top 10, and I think their ranking and total locations may even surprise you more than that.

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Chipotle ranks as the least trusted restaurant brand for baby boomers, which stimulates all kinds of questions. I have heard to never trust a bald barber, but what do you not trust about burritos?

Then again, when my friend was visiting this week from St. Louis, he asked if we could go to Chipotle because he was hungry, and I told him there was no way I was letting an out of towner go to a Tex-Mex chain while vacationing in Texas.

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Most Trusted Restaurant In America Now Has 920 Texas Locations

Baby boomers may have a wealth of wisdom when it comes to things like wealth, but when it comes to picking the most trusted restaurant to eat, you should definitely defer to your children, or at the very least, the kid inside you. Pizza Hut is the most trusted brand of chain restaurants.

Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!

It is so easy to say,

"I love pizza!"

In a world full of hyperbole and embellishment, most of the time you can dismiss people's reckless use of the word love, however, when it comes to pizza, feel like love sounds like a very fair relationship description.

How about you?

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