The calendar has flipped again and just like the previous years, Texas leads the way for receiving the most new residents. As we welcome our newest Texans, we should leave any perceived biases about their previous home state at our border just like we do with state income taxes, negative business practices, and outrageous cost of living.

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Why is the most hated state sending Texas the most new residents?

Since the beginning of Covid-19, California has been losing residents in droves because of overreaching lockdowns, outrageous crime rates, and outlandish cost of living. According to this CNBC article,

"For the fourth year in a row, California had the largest net loss of one-way movers."

Why is California the most hated state?

The reasoning behind people's answers most likely fluctuates, but the data says that the state that the other states hates the most is California. In fact, 9 total states named California as the state that they hated most.

When the poll numbers were crunched, turns out California is only the fifth most hated state overall because their own residents didn't think so poorly of their self like the dwellers in Illinois did.

For the record, Illinois is the number 4 state from which the most new residents to Texas are fleeing, I mean moving. According to this Business Insider article, people are also relocating to Texas a lot from New York and Florida.

Welcome to Texas, we're happy you're here, and how can we be of assistance?

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