One thing the people of Texas love to do is be outdoors and thanks to over a quarter of a million square miles of Lone Star State, we have more outdoors to enjoy than anywhere else in the continental United States. Probably my personal favorite quality of our beloved home is all of the differing topographical and ecological terrains you can enjoy all within the borders of a single state.

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So, if you are looking for places to enjoy the great outdoors and you can find enough gas stations, the possibilities are nearly endless to enjoy one of nature's greatest experiences. No other state even begins to come close to matching the total numbers that Texans participate with year after year.

So, are you a fellow outdoor enthusiast, or do you prefer to sit on the sidelines and find other hobbies?

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Texas Number One In This Taboo & Emerging Outdoor Activity

Texas is the only state with over 1 million registered hunters, but yet that represents just under 4% of the whole state's population that are actively involved in hunting which places the state in the bottom 1/3 per capita. Only about 6% of the entire country are involved in hunting, but according to this Statista article, the sport is on the rise once again.

Texas has the most right now, but with emerging popularity, we may find another state bringing more people outside very soon.

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