If you're on the cusp of 18 and just dying to buy a pack of smokes or e-cig, I've got bad (or maybe good, depending on how you look at it?) news: Governor Greg Abbott has signed a bill into law that will prohibit the sale of tobacco products in Texas to anyone under 21.

Senate Bill 21 goes into effect on September 1. It criminalizes "distribution, possession, purchase, consumption, and receipt of cigarettes, e-cigarettes, and tobacco products" to or by anyone under the age of 21, though there is an exception for those in the military.

According to an analysis from the House Research Organization, the bill aims to improve public health and cut the cost of treating Texans for tobacco-related illnesses.

I find this line from the report kind of funny:

The goal is not to regulate choices of citizens but to widen the age gap for availability of tobacco products.

Yes. Widen the gap. By regulating a choice.

Just sayin'.

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