As you have been traveling around the Texas countryside recently it is more or less impossible to not notice the full bloom of Texas bluebonnets, Indian paintbrushes, primroses, and lantanas. However, there is another spring flowering plant that is also all over the place, and believe it or not you can eat it.

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This purple flower is actually a member of the mint family, and is known to have a ton of health benefits not only medicinally, but also nutritionally. They are classified as an invasive vegetation to the Lone Star State, but if you are hoping to attract pollinators to your garden space, this is the perfect plant to have around as they begin popping up in late winter and early spring.

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What Is The Purple Flower Now Taking Over Texas Roadsides?


What is this strange plant that resembles Texas wildflowers?

It is the purple dead nettle, and often is referred to as henbit. They both look very similar from a distance, but are actually quite different in their value for consumption.

Not only can you muddle the dead nettle like mint for a tea like beverage, you can also chop it up and eat it raw, or in a salad. The ingredients are known to be anti-inflammatory, and also very high in iron and several other vitamins.

How do you harvest Texas purple dead nettle?

Whether or not you appreciate dead nettle or henbit, it definitely looks like both are here to stay. Will you be dining or drinking on some soon?

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