The debate over the favorite season in Texas can get pretty intense, but I like to remind people without spring, none of the rest of the seasons would matter. Just like a Tesla needs to plug in for energy, if we skipped out on the spring part of our year, we would all be more dead than an electric car that ran out of juice on the side of a remote road.

Sometimes we forget that in the vast square mileage of West Texas and all of the diverse wildlife, that not all our major predators live beyond the Hill Country. In fact, one of the most interesting big cats in the country is being reintroduced along the gulf coast.

Protected Predator Now Being Reintroduced To Texas

The ocelot not only has a cool name, it also has a lengthy history of living in the Lone Star State. Unfortunately, it is estimated anywhere between 50 and 100 remain in the wild, and with all of the factors already working against their ability to excel, now inbreeding is becoming an issue.

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How did the Texas ocelot become the country's most endangered cat?

Even as new challenges to the success of the ocelot present their self, the state of Texas is not giving up, and thanks to $14 million in new grants, many are hopeful the ocelot will begin to thrive again. In Central and South America where the number in the wild is in the neighborhood of a million or more.

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