Can someone tell me the use of Geometry in everyday life if you aren't a carpenter or engineer?

Why were we taught the Pythagorean Theorem again?

I would say for at least the past 20-25 years, the education system in America has been behind and needs to be updated.

It's refreshing to see a state is stepping out of the box. hopefully Texas follows suit.

It’s all about changing with the times, ladies and gentlemen!

Fox 7 in Austin reports that starting next school year, students in North Carolina are being required to take a personal finance class in order to graduate.

This course replaces a history class and will have the same credit hour requirement.

North Carolina Deputy superintendent of innovation David Stegall says they are not trying to go against the grain. Other states offer just one US history course.
Personally, I think this is great that students will now learn about W-4 forms, W-2 forms, how to get grants for college, 401(k)s, etc.

Do you think Texas is ready for this?

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