Next chance you find the time to go hiking in the Texas countryside or can just enjoy a leisurely walk through nature, please remind yourself to keep a watchful eye for the harmful players in nature as you are appreciating the beauty. Part of being a responsible outdoors enthusiast is keeping aware of your surroundings at all times, and sharing your findings with the proper authorities and others.

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Believe it or not, there are times in nature walks where leaving the land better than you found it requires a small bit of destruction. Generally, as a rule, you want to let nature follow its own course, but sometimes nature needs that gentle horticultural touch.

See This Strange Nest In Texas; Destroy It Now

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Getty Images/Canva
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These are spotted lanternflies, and they build their nests on the bark of trees, and under limbs to protect their eggs from the elements. These tiny pests are essentially the bed bugs of nature, and they have hitched an unwelcome ride to America.

They kind of look like ladybugs with moth wings, and they are bad news when it comes to crops and trees. They do not pollinate, so we must exterminate.

How to identify and deal with spotted lanternflies and their nests.

So, while I wouldn't intervene if you see a snake eating a mouse in nature, you should definitely do everything you can to help squash the spotted lanternfly population.

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