The eclipse came and went across Texas without any major chaos reported, unless you consider people who can't enjoy anything without overserving their self, and then talking their self into believing much more suspicious events are simultaneously happening.

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It was great having an old friend and my parents visiting from out of state, and enjoy the eclipse together from the backyard with my wife and children. Now, all of our attention turns to the storms that began passing through immediately following the conclusion of the eclipse.

Almost all of Texas is going through some level of severe weather through the night tonight, and it is expected to continue through much of Tuesday. This could greatly impact the travel plans of eclipse enthusiasts attempting to return home.

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Look Out: Surging Storms Will Continue To Pound Texas

Tornado watches were common across the heart of Texas well into the evening tonight, and that is one of the two major concerns for Tuesday across the Lone Star State. There is a chance areas could experience up to golf ball sized hail to complement all of the gusty wind and wide ranging tornado watches and warnings.

The severity level is at its highest throughout the day and night on Tuesday, but storms could continue to crawl through much of Texas into the early morning hours on Wednesday.

The most important thing when storms are approaching is to have a plan, and know the safest place(s) to take shelter with your family. Also, when traveling during severe weather remember to find protection from the elements and turn around, don't drown.

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