If you have not been inside a Target in the last twenty-four hours, or even if you have, you perhaps missed the new set of rules that all Texas customers must now abide by during their in store shopping. This is not a soft roll out either, the rules have been placed at every store across the company, and that's just the beginning of the changes coming to your Target experience in 2024.

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If you have ever wished for more check out lanes to be open when trying to pay, that is definitely something you can look forward to with your in store shopping. The problem has never been a shortage of lanes in the Target exit area, it has always been that so few of them had associates to help you finish your shopping trip.

As luck would have it, St. Patrick's Day and the start of this week marked the implementation of these new rules.

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All Texas Targets Now Under These New Rules

These are the big changes you will see at Texas Target stores:

  1. Express check out lanes will be open for 10 items or less at the busiest times, and additionally as local management deems necessary.
  2. More traditional employee manned lanes will be open.
  3. Management will have authority to open additional lanes as necessary.

Target also intends to provide additional training as the shopping demands evolve, so that customers can expect the highest possible satisfaction.

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