17-year-old Hector Fonseca of Humble, Texas was arrested Sunday after he allegedly posted a bomb threat on Snapchat.

The Kansas City Star reports that Hector posted two stories while he was on a flight from George Bush International Airport. One post stated he was going to "blow this s--- up!" and the other simply said "time to blow up the plane" both had bomb and smiley face emojis.

"It was a stupid joke"

-Hector Fonseca

Snapchat officials warned the FBI of the teen's posts, but he was already out of the country. Investigators searched his home and received screenshots of the post from neighbors.

When he returned to the States he was interviewed and immediately knew why he had been picked up stating "it was a stupid joke".

With no evidence of any bomb-making materials or any history of threats, it does appear to just be a kid making a dumb joke. The FBI will continue to investigate.


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