One minute you're a very successful and popular Texas based eatery with five locations within Dallas Fort Worth International Airport alone, and the next thing you know you are suddenly closing nearly 1/3 of all of your Lone Star State operations.

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The restaurant chain that gained international notoriety for serving staples of the SAD (Standard American Diet), has sadly been forced to close 36 underperforming stores across a dozen states, and not even the home state of Texas avoided the chopping block.

What Texas based restaurant chain suddenly closed several restaurants?

TGI Fridays has recently cut 4 Texas restaurants, and now has just 11 left in the state as the company is shuttering underperforming stores. Losing 4 out of 15 stores is nearly 1/3 of their total operations here in Texas closed, which is also 1/9 of the nationwide closings.

Was almost a perfect example of life imitating art if 37 TGI Fridays had closed.

What are the 4 TGI Fridays locations to close in Texas?

According to this article with NBCDFW, the following locations were dropped from the Texas roster:

  1. Corpus Christi, Texas: 5217 S. Padre Island Dr., 78411
  2. Houston Almeda, Texas: 12895 Gulf Fwy., 77034
  3. North Arlington, Texas: 1524 N. Collins Street, 76011
  4. The Woodlands, Texas: 1105 Lake Woodlands Dr., 77380

All 4 stores were closed within a few days of the start of 2024, and it is reported,

"In addition to the announced closures, Fridays said that 80% of the employees at the closing locations will have an opportunity to transfer."

Where do you think TGI Fridays ranks among Texan's favorite foods and restaurants?

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