It looks like Texas may be hanging some new permanent lights in the very near future, and it could lead the eventual end of a lot of traffic headaches. Have you ever heard the phrase,

"Sometimes to move forward, you have to go backwards?"

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The three light system has been in place for over 100 years, so adding a new light would be a huge evolution for drivers while somehow appearing to be moving backwards in traffic development. However, the fourth light wouldn't be for human drivers.

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It looks like North Carolina State has been doing quite a bit more than just sending their basketball teams to the Final Four. Researches in Raleigh, North Carolina have been working on developing a way for autonomous vehicles to better communicate and reduce traffic congestion.

Texas Traffic Lights Could Be Adding A New Color

They want to add a white light to the signals, so that robot automobiles will know when to go.

Probably my favorite part about having autonomous cars is how much less horn honking I will have to do in the future because when the light goes green, the new light will go white, and the self driven vehicle with immediately go without having to finish a text or look up from its phone first.

With Tesla being headquartered here in Texas, you can easily envision the state leading the way in accommodating autonomous vehicles.

The thought process is this could be fully implemented by 2050. Although, I am not really sure we will even have intersections anymore by then because Back to the Future Part 2 promised us flying cars back in 2015, so certainly they'll be here by 2045, right?

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