Walmart has news that will make you smile and make you frown!

First, the company announced today that they would provide another $150-$300 to their employees on August 20th

Full and part-time workers employed by the company as of July 31 will qualify for the bonus, this marks the third round of bonuses since the start of the pandemic Shelling our more than $1 billion dollars, way to go Walmart!
Here’s the bad news for those of you who like to camp out at Walmart on Thanksgiving to kick off Black Friday shopping- According to Business Insider They will be closed this year stopping a tradition of black Friday sales on Thanksgiving.

This includes all Walmart and Sam’s Club stores.

Apparently they don't care to lose money to other retailers, last year they opened their doors at 6 PM on Thanksgiving giving shoppers the holiday edge.

Walmart informed their employees that the idea to close on Thanksgiving came from a store manager here in Round Rock, who wrote them suggesting they close for Thanksgiving so associates can spend the day with their families.

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