Groundhog day was just a week ago, and the rodent radar of Punxsutawney Phil claims we're in for an early spring, but the Texas Weather Center says we should be preparing for snow now only one week later. Now of course, Bee Cave Bob also made the same prediction here in Central Texas, but can we really trust a diller when it comes to predicting the changing of the seasons?

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Also, please don't get me started on why we are asked to put our faith in a rhino pig from Travis County on when to anticipate spring. Armadillo from Amarillo would be a completely different story.

When can we expect the next Texas winter storm?

According to the team at Texas Weather Center, who spend countless hours tracking and predicting incoming storms for the Lone Star State, have stated,

"Potential exists for 4 inches plus of snow."

This winter we have been holding in the less common El Nino pattern that has been intensifying, and traditionally that does lend to a colder and wetter season for Texas. With the ongoing drought conditions and the speed wintery precipitation melts away, can't imagine too many people will be picky to get the white stuff as it all helps to raise our water levels.

Take the information in the video however you want, but do not be surprised if there is a little less toilet paper on the shelves this weekend. Then again, that could be in anticipation of the Super Bowl parties about to be thrown.

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