Soooo yeah this is weird...

A Texas woman was arrested for cruelty to non-livestock animals and was later released after she posted $30,000 bond.

It all started when a neighbor of Cristina Arriaga's called the police because they kept hearing excessive barking and noticed an unusual odor coming from her apartment.

According to The Dallas Morning News in another instance, authorities were called after smelling a strong odor coming from the UHAUL truck.

Inside the truck, police found 33 dead dogs and one still alive.

The supervisor for animal control for Pharr, Texas, Frank Villareal told the newspaper that 5 dogs were already dead when they were put in the truck while the other 20 plus may have died from excessive heat and lack of air, autopsies have been ordered.

So I know everyone reading this is probably wondering why they were driving around with dead dogs in their truck..I sure was!


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Villareal said Cristina's husband rented the truck to drive the dogs around to avoid animal control.

Can you say..... weeeeeiiiiiiirrrrrrrddddd.....


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