The Game is trying to avoid paying over $7 million in a sexual assault lawsuit that he lost a month ago. The Compton rhymer recently filed court documents to the U.S. Court of Appeals asking for both a new trial and reduction in punitive damages a jury awarded Priscilla Rainey.

Back in November, Game was found liable for damages done to Ms. Rainey who was a contestant on the VH1 reality series, She Got Game. The 29-year-old model claimed her suit that during her time on the show, Game sexual assaulted her on several occasions, including rubbing on her “bare vagina and buttocks.” A jury sided with Rainey and awarded her $6 million in punitive damages and $1 million in compensatory damages.

But The Game’s attorney, Andrew Williams, called the judgment “monstrously excessive” in court papers, and the punishment just doesn’t fit the crime, according to BOSSIP. Williams feels the evidence was "extremely prejudicial" against the rapper and claimed that there's no evidence that the alleged groping was done with intentional malice.

The Game is seeking a new trial and a reduction to the monetary judgement, arguing that no rational jury would have sided with Rainey based on the evidence.

Meanwhile, Rainey and her lawyer, Brad Williams, told BOSSIP they weren’t bothered by Game's attempt at appealing the verdict. “We are not at all concerned by the recent filings,” Williams said.

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