I’m one of those guys that change iPhones every other year so since 2008 when I got the first iPhone, I’ve had maybe about six or seven of the latest iPhones.

So, the latest Apple move has me scratching my head.
For the first time ever Apple’s upcoming iPhone will be without a charger and wired earphones.
According to Fox 6, The company is doing it to offset any cost increases with the upgraded model.
They’ll also be releasing a 20 W power adapter smaller than the current version, as an optional accessory.
It will come with a USB c power delivery for fast charging.
Reportedly the newer models price will be compared to the previous iPhone 11 model.
The new iPhone 12 will be supporting the fast 5G network that increases production costs, that is being passed down to us, the customer.

Aren't they making enough money? Doesn't an iPhone cost $17,890 already?


I think they just want us to cough up another $150, because those AirPods (which they have been pushing heavy) are very popular these days.


Well, when I buy a new phone in say, late 2021, maybe they'll have all of this figured out..

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