According to a press release issued by the Temple Police Department, there has been a rise in auto theft in Temple.

Since January 1st, there have been 33 reported cases of stolen cars.

Out of those reported cases, 48% of victims left their cars unlocked and 45% left the keys inside.


Let's try not leaving our vehicle doors open and the keys inside and maybe I won't be writing about stolen cars.

Temple Police spokesman Chris Christoff also said in the press release that 25 of the vehicles stolen were recovered and that the thefts occurred near apartment complexes

He also shared preventative measures to take so you won't become a victim of car theft:

-Remove valuables from your vehicle or place them out of sight. This includes purses, wallets, money, electronic devices, and firearms.

-Always make sure your vehicle is locked and take the keys with you. If you have a garage door opener, it is recommended you take it as well to prevent a thief from gaining easy access into your home.

-Never hide a second set of keys in or on your vehicle. This includes spare keys to other vehicles.

-Park in well-lit areas or attended lots.

-Never leave your vehicle running unattended, even if your intention is to leave it warming up for just a moment.

-Invest in some outdoor surveillance equipment. There are many affordable options available, and it can be a great help to the police should something happen to your vehicle.

Ever heard of the 9 PM routine? Every night at 9 PM, do a quick check to make sure your car and home doors and windows are locked and secured. Set a reminder in your phone if you need to. Whatever you do, don't make things any easier for thieves.

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