The very popular Bobby B's Soul Food in Killeen, Texas has had my attention for the past 6 years, and the people here in Killeen love it.

There's a reason why they've been voted best soul food restaurant year after year!

What Is Bobby B's?

If you were to look up "Soul Food Heaven" in the dictionary, you'll probably find a picture of Bobby B's Soul Food. Bobby B's Soul Food is located at 3601 Zephyr Road in Killeen, and they've been serving the community since 2015.

Killeen Native Had To Prioritize Early In Life

Bobby Butler or Bobby B, originally from Hopkinsville, Kentucky has been in Killeen for almost 30 years.

Butler, a proud graduate of Ellison high school and former basketball player for the Eagles, learned to cook by watching his grandmother.

He says he had to rush and come home to cook for his family to make sure everyone ate, while his mom worked.

 What Is Everyone's Favorite Dish At Bobby B's?

Butler says they specialize in delicious food!

He says his customers enjoy his catfish and barbecue, while others enjoy his fried chicken and smothered pork chops.

Here is a glamour shot of a catfish with macaroni and cheese and greens plate, and those are delicious fried shrimp:


Here's a shot of this delicious barbecue (that fell right off the bone) with potato salad and sweet baked beans:


What Separates Bobby B's From Other Soul Food Restaurants?

When I asked Bobby B what separated his restaurant from others, he said he prepares his food with love. Knowing food is a mood changer, he said he receives pleasure seeing people enjoy his meals and doesn't do it for the money, but does it to give back to the community he's from.

What's On The Menu?

As you can see from their menu, they specialize in that good Southern Soul Food!


Let's Pause For Mouth Watering


Voted Best Soul Food In Central Texas

You really have to see why they've been voted best soul food restaurant in Central Texas year after year.


Bobby B's Does Great Things In The Community Too

In addition to being proud of serving great food, Bobby B also prides himself in the community work he does.

He gives away lots of turkeys for the holidays and holds massive giveaways for children in the community.

This summer he plans to have both volleyball and basketball courts built behind the restaurant so kids in the neighborhood can enjoy.

How Has COVID Affected Business?

Because of the spread of COVID-19 Bobby B's shut down their showroom, but plans to reopen to a buffet-style format by the summer.

Second Location in Copperas Cove

Bobby says he didn't see any Soul Food options in Copperas Cove which lead him to open "Bobby B's Southern Cooking and More"  located at 212 S. 2ND Street.

Stop in either location and you'll see why they were voted Best Soul Food In Central Texas!

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