Are you a traffic abiding citizen, or are you like me - exactly the opposite?

So, at the exit at Willow Springs on I-14 in Killeen, there's usually a ton of traffic that is there for a while waiting on the light to change.

But as you glance to your right, there is an empty right lane with no cars in it.

There have been plenty of times where I have been one of the cars in that long line waiting on the light.

Until that one day I had an epiphany...



Why don't I just go in the right lane at the light, and turn when the other cars turn?

There that lane is looking so juicy and sexy, I have no other choice but to get in it.

The sign at the light directs you to either turn left or keep straight.

But once you turn left, you have your choice to either turn into the inside lane on Willow Springs or the outside lane.

Everybody chooses the inside lane to turn into.

I choose the outside lane.



You don't have to wait in that line of traffic, and you won't clash with the other cars turning because you are in the outside lane.

So when you are at the intersection of Willow Springs and I-14, what do you do?

Are you like me?

Photo by Enrique Steele
Photo by Enrique Steele


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