Get ready, because it's coming.


With the weather getting colder, the demand for energy will increase, which means you will shell out a little more money on your electric bill in this brand new year.


According to KWTX, who spoke with Tammie Bowman who is the Manager of Public Affairs for Atmos Energy:

 ”The cost of natural gas is a tradable commodity, so it’s driven by global supply and demand, with colder weather on the way, demand is about to go up.

On their website, Atmos assured customers that in the spring prices would be normal but "Prices are higher due to increased global demand for natural gas and the temporary impact on supply from the recent storms in the Gulf of Mexico,”

This Is How You Can Save Energy

Here is a few energy-saving tips that will help you save money as energy prices rise:

-According to their website, Atmos Energy suggests lowering your thermostat to 68 degrees during the day, and 58 degrees at night.

-How about unplugging electronic devices and turning lights off in rooms that you are not in? That's another way you can save energy.

- Another tip that's suggested, is to lower your water heater temperature to 120 degrees and to set your temp to because according to the site, accounts for 25%of energy usage. (Did you know that?)

-They also suggest reducing your shower time and taking baths only when necessary, and that showering can account for significant hot water use.

More tips on reducing energy usage this winter can be found here.

Take baths when necessary?



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