Three men in Munson, Pennsylvania are facing a combined total of 2,926 charges after police discovered that they've been sexually abusing about a dozen animals for at least four years.

To make the story even more horrific, they allegedly forced a teen living on the property to help them restrain the animals while they engaged in depraved acts.

WTAJ-TV in Central Pennsylvania reports that Matthew Brubaker, Marc Measnikoff, and Terry Wallace abused horses, a cow, a goat, and even a dog. Those animals are now in the care of the area's SPCA.

The three men face 1,460 charges of sexual intercourse with an animal,1,460 charges of cruelty to animals, 3 charges of child endangerment, and 3 charges of corruption of a minor.

The Associated Press reports that the teen recently alerted state police, who seized recording equipment and videos from the property. 


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