Know what this thing is?


It's called a payphone, you would put 25 cents in it and you had a few minutes before your time was up before you had to put another quarter in and talk for 5 minutes and so on and so forth, if you had a roll of quarters you could stay on the phone for hours! This is how you would communicate if you were out and about.

Don't let the phone be able to receive incoming calls.... can you say free conversation??

Then this came along:


Technology got advanced and the cell phone was invented!

At first, rich people and drug dealers were the first to have these lol.....

As you can see this thing was huge, it was later made more affordable and compact.

Life got easier, you no longer had to stand in the cold on the phone!

Fast forward to 2007......

Can you believe it?

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the release of the iphone which means 10 years ago today I was saying "Man you are crazy if you think I am paying $600 for a damn cell phone"  LOL!

Since I have went through about 5 of them and I currently own the iphone 7...


Happy Anniversary to The IPhone!

(boo to you android users)


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