Rick Ross' new album Rather You Than Me has impressed a lot of people, but it appears that Tony Yayo—50 Cent's longtime friend and G-Unit comrade—isn't one of them. Recently, the "So Seductive" performer took what appeared to be a shot at the MMG boss on Twitter.

"A cop 👮 shouting out a rat 🐀 rappers for you. This shit ain't real," Yayo tweeted over the weekend.

The lyrics Yayo seems to be referencing come from the third verse on Ross' incendiary Birdman diss "Idols Become Rivals." In that little portion of the track, Rozay raps, "Never slippin', got relationships with the trillest niggas/Tony Draper, J Prince and every Jimmy Henchman."

Yayo is probably referring to Jimmy Henchmen, a notorious music industry figure who is currently behind bars. 50 has had a beef with Henchman for years now.

Then there's Yayo's beef with Rick Ross. Back in the summer of 2007, Rozay was famously revealed to have once worked as a correctional officer in the 1990s, and for a brief time, his past was a joking point for 50, Yayo and the rest of the G-Unit as their beef with the rapper intensified. Obviously, that was 10 years ago and Ross' brief stint as a CO in no way hindered his rise to superstar status in the rap game, but old feelings die hard.

In other Rozay-related news, The Game's manager Wack 100 called out the Teflon Don artist for speaking out on Birdman's allegedly unscrupulous business dealings with Lil Wayne and other artists on Stunna's Cash Money label, also referencing "Idols Become Rivals." Birdman called Rozay's track, "hoe shit," and Wack appears to agree.

Posting a screenshot of Birdman's response to Rozay's diss to Instagram, Wack captioned the post, "Hoe shit is getting involved in other men bidness. Last I checked that’s CMYMB bidness whatever the bidness may be …. #Wayne my nigga #Stunna My nigga they family before we’re fans and whatever there going through is there bidness period.”

Rozay's "Idols Become Rivals" has clearly caused a stir, but at least Lil Wayne appreciates his gesture.

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