Let's face it, nobody wants to be stopped by a train.

Sometimes it's a quick stop, 45 seconds to a minute, the train passes, the gate comes up, you go about your business.

On the other hand, there are times where you can be waiting for 20-30, even 40 minutes, or even longer and your patience wears thin.

Then, there are situations where you see the train far away and decide to drive past the gate and speed past the tracks (you know you've done it before), then there are unfortunate situations like this one.

According to a press release from Alex Gearhart the assistant chief of the Killeen Police Department, a tragic situation happened Sunday Night:

"Officers located a deceased male on the 38th Street train bridge. Traffic investigators were called to the scene and a preliminary investigation showed a BNSF train was traveling eastbound approaching the 38th Street bridge. A male subject was observed on the train tracks on the bridge. The conductor attempted emergency braking procedures, but the train was unable to stop before striking the male."

The man later died of injuries he suffered from.

After learning the details of this, my assumption is that the man who is identified as 55-year-old Brent Steven Babcock committed suicide.

I could be wrong of course.





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